The project will be carried out at the premises of the Physics Laboratory at Ecole Normale Supérieurede Lyon (LPENSL). The lab is a joint research unit between CNRS, the most prominent French research organization, and Ecole Normale Supérieure deLyon. The Soft Materials group gathers three scientists: Prof. Sébastien Manneville, and CNRS researchers Dr. Thomas Gibaud and Dr. Thibaut Divoux. Its strength is to combine standard rheometry and state-of-the-art local techniques such as ultrasonic velocimetry,confocal microscopy, or electrical measurements to offer local insights into the shear flows in complex fluids.The group has expertise in specific measurements requiring special setups such as rheo-velocimetry, nano-indentation, Atomic Force Microscopy, Differential Dynamic Microscopy, Dynamics Light Scattering. Currently, it consists of about 10 researchers (3 senior researchers, 1 engineer, 1 postdoc, 4 PhDs, and 2interns). The group has contributed substantially in the areas of gels and soft glasses, unraveling various key scenarios for the shear-induced solid-to-liquid transition of these soft solids.

Contact Person

T. Divoux


T. Gibaud
S. Manneville