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Heraklion, Crete, Creece
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The project will be carried out at the premises of the Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser (IESL) of FORTH, one of the most prominent Greek research organizations. The Polymers & Colloids Group has a longstanding experience in the study of the structure, dynamics and rheology of soft materials. The group’s strength lies in the molecular design of appropriate model systems for addressing fundamental open problems and specific technological challenges by combining a broad range of techniques. These include the full spectrum of scattering, microscopy, shear and extensional rheometry, as well as combinations of rheology with scattering or microscopy. The group has extensive expertise in handling of complex soft matter systems with advanced experimental protocols. It currently consists of about 30 researchers (including 5 senior scientists and 2 technicians). The group has contributed substantially to the areas of soft and hard colloids with emphasis on glasses and gels, entangled branched polymers and associating polymers and has extensive collaborations with numerous world class synthesis, experiment and theory/modeling groups around the globe.

Contact Person

G. Petekidis


E. Glynos
B. Loppinet