InProcess LSP

Oss, The Netherlands
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InProcess-LSP (<>)is a rapidly growing SME developing optical, spectroscopic, and rheological methods and instruments for complex fluid characterization,  off-line, at-line and inline during material processing (‘Process Analytical Technology,PAT). Its mission is to provide industry and academia with efficient and innovative tools for in-depth understanding of suspensions and gels, efficient product and process development in R&D and effective monitoring and control of manufacturing processes. Founded in 2014 by scientist with strong academic and industrial background, InProcess-LSP has grown to a highly motivated and scientifically skilled team of 18 people with broad academic and industrial experience. InProcess-LSP’s customer base includes most of the world top 20 pharmaceutical companies. The project will be carried out in the R&D group of InProcess-LSP (lead by Dr. R. Besseling) consisting of scientists in the fields of Physics, Informatics, Chemistry and Pharma. The doctoral training program at InProcess will provide the DC with a unique opportunity to learn, apply and develop state of the art soft-matter characterization tools (based on Optical Coherence Tomography), to apply these for improved understanding of non-equilibrium phenomena in complex fluids, and to work in  a cross-disciplinary environment in a large academic&industrial network.

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R. Besseling


M. Hermes
N. Koumakis