NanoGetic S.L. is a biotech company  placed in the Health’s Technology Park (PTS) in the city of Granada (Spain),  which focuses on the design, production, and characterization of innovative  nanosystems. We have designed multifuncionalized nanoparticles based on protocols  developed in our I+D lab. This feature allows the simultaneous conjugation to  (i) an antibody specific target, (ii) drugs, (iii) enzymes that increase the  ability to penetrate through biological barriers. We have qualified  researchers working in the lab that will supervise and train the ESRs during  their embedding. ESR training provide them a unique opportunity to learn a  cutting-edge nanotechnology as applied to the synthesis and characterization  of engineered nanodevices for biomedical applications. Additionally, ESRs  will learn how to convert this knowledge into products and services.  

Contact Person

R. Naseli


R. Sánchez-Martín
V.C. Cortés