Wageningen, The Netherlands
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Hive is Unilever’s global Foods Innovation Centre (UFIC) at the Wageningen Campus in the Netherlands, the Silicon Valley of Food. Hive is a home of around 500 employees, innovating on some of the world’s best loved food brands like Knorr, Hellmann’s and Unilever Food Solutions, all with an annual turnover topping 1 billion Euros. Product & Process Science (P&PS) is an industrial research unit embedded in UFIC. The unit has a long history of training scientists at different stages of their scientific career, including both ERs and ESRs. P&PS has hosted a wide variety of nationalities,and many of these scientists pursued their career in industry, as well as in academia, either in their home country, or elsewhere. The diversity of scientific capability within P&PS has allowed thorough and effective training of all the fellows affiliated with the unit. The research is conducted covers topics of formulation and processing of soft-condensed matter, colloids,and interface science of dispersions (e.g. suspensions, foams, emulsions) and their uses to control product functionality (i.e. appearance, taste, texture,stability, digestion).

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K. Velikov