Exploitation and impact on industrial systems


Based on the fundamental understanding of colloidal gels, identify opportunities for novel products or processes with improved performance and/or reduced environmental impact across the different industrial sectors. Promote wider exploitation of research output beyond the participating industrial partners in conjunction with WPs 6&7.


Task 5.1: Develop novel Sustainable and Biodegradable Formulation for food products (M9-48)

Task 5.2: Optimize processing and formulation of inks and slurries for energy applications (M9-48)

Task 5.3: Enhanced control of aggregation in magnetic colloids for biomedicine applications (M9-48)

Task 5.4: Apply improved instrumentation for complex soft matter systems characterization (M9-48)

Task 5.5: Develop a system of tunable cement behavior at lab scale (M9-48)

Task 5.6: Oversee an exploitation plan of the CoCoGel results.

Develop an IPR strategy detailed in the CA (section 3.2.3) and issue a periodic strategic report on the use of results. Facilitate technology transfer by organizing two exploitation meetings (section T4, Table 1.3b) with industries outside the consortium.