Dissemination and outreach activities‍


Disseminate important scientific and training results to the scientific community and wider audience


Task 7.1: Setup and maintain a website, prepare a logo, brochure and slide templates (FORTH).

Task 7.2: Content for conventional (TV, radio, print) and internet-based media (social media, etc.)

Task 7.3: Organize Science presentations in Schools and Universities

Task 7.4: Popular events such as Science Fairs and Researcher Nights

The above will create awareness in the general public about the research work performed, attracting young people to scientific careers, improving gender balance in science and engineering (see also section 2.3). ESRs will help plan and participate in these activities with support from the ECFP outreach officer.

Task 7.5: Oversee publications in high-impact journals and conference presentations (CNRS).

Task 7.6: Oversee training events, student newsletter, conference organization (UEDIN). These cover dissemination of results internally and to the scientific community (see section 2.3). Common dissemination activities between partners will be promoted. Open access to peer-reviewed publications is guaranteed as per EU rules.

Task 7.7: Prepare a GoGreen” chart of good practice